Why Mobile Ticketing?

There are a number of benefits to moving from paper tickets to digital tickets.

  • Contactless Entry

Safety is every venue’s No. 1 concern, and with mobile ticketing there’s no need for direct contact or physical exchange of your ticket. Mobile ticketing guarantees a quick and safe ticket scan straight from your phone. Just have the Ticketmaster app or website open and ready to go at the gate.

  • Safety & Security

Our secure ticket technology reduces the risk of ticket fraud, eliminating the possibilities of theft or counterfeiting. Once you’ve purchased your mobile tickets on Ticketmaster, you can always rest assured you’re getting the seats you paid for. The barcode on your mobile ticket includes technology to protect it, which means screenshots or printouts of your ticket will not be scannable.

  • Meet Your Friends in the Venue

No need to organize a meet-up outside the venue to exchange tickets. If you bought tickets for yourself and others, you can simply transfer their mobile tickets straight to them. Everyone can head inside on their own time and meet up right at their seats. For more on how to transfer tickets, head here.

  • Ease & Convenience

No more fumbling in your bag to find your ticket or, even worse, enduring the very real fear of losing it altogether. A mobile ticket will always be there, right on your phone, for easy access before and at the event.

  • All Your Tickets in One Place!

With the Ticketmaster app, you can view all of your tickets and upcoming events in one easily accessible spot. Go to My Events to access all of your purchased tickets

If you have any questions about Mobile Tickets, please call the Hulman Center Ticket Office at 877-ISU-TIXS.

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